Prices and Terms & Conditions             


City walk                         € 160,-

Half day tour                   € 220,-

Full day tour                    € 390,-

Special theme walk         € 192,-

Extra hour                        € 55-


City walk/bus tour           € 220,-

Terms & Conditions

  • According to paragraph 39 of the EEC Agreement every member country is entitled to demanding comparable training of other EEC citizens as demanded of citizens of its own country. In the case of local guides that means at least 250 lecture units of a training on matters pertaining to the profession of a guide as well as a training on the conducting of a business firm. In addition, a state examination and permanent residence in Austria are requested.
  • Cancellation in writings are accepted up to 7 days before the tour starts, after that till 24 hours prior to the agreed time a cancellation fee of EUR € 85,- will be charged.
  • The maximum amount of people to come with us on a tour is 40, for the special tours the maximum is 30 people. 
  • In case of the group's failure to arrive at the meeting point the tour is considered as carried out and the full fee, without any deduction, will be charged. 
  • In case of the group's delay the guide will wait up to one hour, the waiting time being included in the total time agreed upon. In case of the guide's delay the group agrees to a waiting time up to 15 minutes.
  • The guide agrees to finding equivalent replacement in case of foreseeable failure to perform.
  • Payment is to be made in cash to the guide after the tour.
  • The guides will wait up to one hour for groups arriving late, the waiting time will be included in the total time requestes.
  • In case of foreseeable delays please contact our office Tel  +43 (0)664 - 55 91 237.
  • If the group does not arrive at the meeting point, the tour is regarded as carried out, and the full amount has to be paid.
  • It is not allowed to make videos or sound signals of the tour.
  • Entrance fees are additional to these prices. 

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